9 Days!!

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Kate at Dragonfly Fiber Designs

dragonfly fiber

Kate says: I live in a suburb of Washington, DC with a husband, two children, and a dog, and two cats (who think they are my children) and as much yarn, fiber, and fabric (let's not mention the beads) as I can fit into a fairly small but cosy house. My master plan is to break into the yarn business so I can spend all of my time playing with yarn and fiber. Kate's blog is here.

Some of Kate's fibers and yarns for sale on her Etsy:

Merino Top
dragonfly 1

I have seriously been debating going back and buying this blue/green/brown roving all day, the colors speak to me, BUT I am trying to hold out to see what she has at sheep and wool. Somebody please go and buy it out from under me? (And FYI, I don't know Kate...haven't even met her yet, I swear.)

dragonfly 2

Superwash Merino



Stacey said...

dude - we are UNDER 10 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

Mia said...

You want that fiber. Buy it now. Her colors are amazing!!!! I plan on buying some in my favorite colorway by her hopefully.