23 Days!!! (Part One)


Did you enter the contest?

Did you tell all your friends to enter the contest?

Did you join the Ravelry group?

(We are having lots of fun discussions over there.)

Contest entries open until 6 pm eastern time TONIGHT!!

We will let you know who won this evening!

Thanks for playing!

Black Sheep

By the way...did you know all the gorgeous animal photos we are using are taken by Jody? I just love all of her photography, and had to give her props!

Here's a preview of the crazy fun we had last year at Sheep and Wool.
The girls


Stacey said...

I seriously can't believe that picture was a year ago!!!! time really does fly!!!!

She is quite the talented photographer!

mrspao said...

That is one extremely cute lamb! Jody is really good at taking photos :)

Sarah said...

my blog post (with link) should be going up shortly... hopefully I'm not too late!