24 Days!!

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Michael Sturtevant Woodworking


Let me say, the reason we are featuring him first: He's My DAD! (And I had ready access to his workshop and a camera.) I am so proud and excited about his drop spindles, not only because they are beautiful, but because they SPIN FOREVER (I am personally testing all of them as they are completed.) Now onto a little bit about Mike and his wares:

Mike lives in Cape Cod, MA and does woodworking of all kinds including: jewelery boxes, accent tables (nightstands, coffee tables, etc), small bowls and pens. He even made a Lazy Kate last summer. Mike started turning drop spindles out of exotic hardwoods because his daughter (knowing how beautiful they would be) nagged him until he made one. Then he thought they were cool, so he made some more. No, he doesn't really spin right now, but his daughter is working on it!

Here are some pics of Mike and his studio. (Notice the concentration involved in turning on the lathe.) He hopes you truely enjoy checking out his spindles at sheep and wool later this month, and will be adding pictures of more of the spindles to his flickr group as they are completed for the festival.

Workshop Mosiac

And of course, some of the spindles:

Drop Spindles


Trillian42 said...

Oh, wow! Those are spectacular! Your father does amazing work - I can't wait to see them in person.

Coleen said...

wow those are gorgeous!

Stacey said...

beautiful - i love all the different types of woods he uses!

Michelle said...

They are stunning! They make even ME want to spindle spin!

Dragonfly Fiber Designs said...

Uh oh! I can see I'm going to be introuble again. Those are gorgeous and will totally have to become a part of my spindle collection.

tinkknitz said...

Beautiful Whorls!

But what do we need to do for today's contest?

Anonymous said...

Those spindles are just beautiful.. I will have to check them out at Sheep & Wool. I don't spin yet, but one of those could be just what it takes.