A big thank you and the contest winner!

Thanks for making the Cloverhill booth a complete success!!!

The space went from this:


to this:

Cloverhill Booth

thanks to help of some awesome people (you know who you are) it all got setup and looked awesome.

Then the crowds came!!
Cloverhill Booth


Cloverhill Booth

We couldn't have done it with you!

And now for our contest winner!! Congrats Beverly!! We just had to pick Beverly for having the best fiber fest story:

Beverly wrote:
"I just returned from the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Festival. I went with a friend of mine from college, and while on the ferry over to the island, we couldn't help but notice a good-looking (Brazilian, it turns out) bunch of guys in motorcycle gear having a great time. I passed by on my way to get a coffee, just as one was taking a photo of the others. I offered to take a photo of all of them - as I always do - and did and thought nothing more of it - other than to lament to my friend that 15 or 20 years earlier, all those guys would have been swarming our table, chatting us up. Oh well, we thought, c'est la vie.

We got off the boat and were trying to decide how to get over to the festival: bicycle? moped? hitch? as we walked by the group, now with their motorcycles, waiting for another of their friends to join them. They motioned us over to ask where they should go on the island, and as I gave them advice, somehow it was suggested that we'd get some helmets and show them where to go. If I hadn't been with that particular friend, it probably wouldn't have happened - we tend to encourage one another's goofier sides - but there we were, on a gorgeous day, riding all over the Vineyard hanging onto to a couple of handsome Brazilian guys! Come on - what could we do? It wouldn't have been a good story unless we'd actually done it! We eventually even made it to the Fiber Festival - with our drivers no less! As I told my friends when I got back - BEST FIBER FESTIVAL EVER! See you in Maryland!"

Congrats Beverly! I'll be emailing you for your address.


Kristine said...

cool! thank you for the photos of the booth in action! The booth looks great.

Jolene said...

Thank you all SO MUCH!!! The booth was awesome and I am still recovering..... Anyone ready for next year?

Forest said...
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Stacey said...

I loved every minute! I'll be there for sure next year!1

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog